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Laser Acne Scar Removal For Asian Skin Type

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  1. EldoVlore15 says:

    how much does this costs..
    please reply someone

  2. cadaverock says:

    this nurse seems to nice on video ,i bet off camera they say fucken ugly ass

  3. WTF HES AWAKE!!!!!!!!! thats insane!!!!!

  4. nutella871 says:

    My gosh this is gross looking. I didn’t expect it to look pleasant, but EW.

  5. ferrari4sale says:

    They don’t post after look because it DOESN’T work!
    This is a scam.

  6. thegame245 says:

    does that laser remove the redmarks effectively

  7. The reason why they may not show it is cuz the result was not good. Other videos that this spa made result came out good, so they show it. You know plastic surgeon will never show you the blotched jobs that they did. I assure u many surgeons get away with blotched jobs too!!

  8. dioguito24 says:

    Where are the before and after pics or videos?????? The results are probably not that good !!!!!!!!!!

  9. DaSweetRice says:

    damn it looks scary O_O

  10. CartmanLandZ says:

    man this is disgusting lol

  11. lmfaoo09 says:

    what is the point of you guys making these videos if you are not going to show us the before and after look

  12. how much does this treatment cost?

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