Dermarolling Treatment 27 postpone.m4v

June 6, 2011 by  
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Hi youtube, for my 27 treatment it will have to wait. As, I have been called up for reservist training! My video will be up the following week…thanks for your kind understanding…

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9 Responses to “Dermarolling Treatment 27 postpone.m4v”
  1. mojaheda1 says:

    thanks alot ,,, i can’t express my thankfulness to you , i put your trying in arabic women forum ,we have started using dermaroller and your pictures in your page on facebook gave us pushing ,,,thanks ray.. i’m gonna check the site

  2. @mojaheda1 , hi please visit my website on my “how to use” page i have detailed instructions that you are looking for.

  3. mojaheda1 says:

    Hi … i couldn’t understand your english ,,,sorry … my english is not very well , can you write what do you use after roller ? and when can you use soap i? in the same day or next day ? and when can i put vitamin? thanks

  4. @LjDyosa19 , Yes please continue with your acne medication. The vitamin E is applied to the areas after rolling, after about 1 – 2hrs please wash all the oil away. Aloe Vera gel can be applied next and often for the next few days.

  5. LjDyosa19 says:

    @raysdermaroller . so u mean a day after using dermaroller i can go back to using my acne medictaion? how about the VIt. E and ALoe vera Cream? is it just use after dermarolling??? example If I roll every friday then I can go back to my acne medication thru out saturday to thursday?? would it let my skin recover from the rolling??

  6. @LjDyosa19 , Hi hi…firstly you should always stick to those products which are suitable for your skin. In this case, like u said proactive. But if u have blemish prone skin, u might want to consult a skin doctor first before u even try using the dermaroller. Using the dermaroller alone is never enough…so those skin care products can be use as well.

  7. LjDyosa19 says:

    Hi Ray. I just sent u email regarding your derma roller.Iam very interested to use but I wana know If its ok because i have oily and acne/blemish prone skin and iam using a product for my acne, I use PROACTIVE. I’d like to know if I use derma roller do i need to stop Proactive and stick to just stick to dermroller??? or i can still use my Proactive after the niddling? pls help me what to do,.Im afraid if i stop my using proactive i might get alot of breakouts. Should I just stick to dermaroller?

  8. show us before and after pictures

  9. hey ray u have not answer my question..what vitamin E capsule that u use??thxx

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